Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bee Happy!

Wow, is life crazy-busy or what!! Don't know about you but it seems to in over-drive right now.  As with most companies, we "down-sized" last year and are down to just the "chosen-few" at work.  Unfortunately, we are VERY busy right now so it's EXTREMELY stressful in the office....everyone's feeling a bit over-worked and under appreciated. I thought maybe I could help brighten the office a little by making the "girls" a thank-you bag.  (It's really just a simple white inexpensive bag from Michaels). I embroidered the bag with their name and a flower with a smiley face on the front. Then, for the back, I found the cutest little bear  holding a bee, and I added the saying "Bee Happy". (Isn't this just the CUTEST bear ever!! I found her at Bearly Makin' It Embroidery.  They have the most adorable bears and they stitch like butter!!!!! I bought a few more, so you'll probably see them again, hee-hee) Also, I added a cute FSL smiley face to help remind the girls to smile (doesn't everyone look a bit prettier with a smile on their face).  I filled the bag with some goodies to encourage some smiles...chocolate!!!, candy, gum, a candle, and chapstick (you can't smile with chapped lips, LOL!!). It's not much but at least we had 1 day of everyone smiling!!!
Here's the front:
Here's the back:
And here's a close-up of one of them with the FSL:
I had to make 6 of them, so it took me most of last weekend, but I think it was well worth it! What do you think?


Celeste said...

Oh wow I love love these... soooo cute

Leslie Anne Avila said...

Wowsie, these are too cute! Love your craftiness!

Gail said...

Gee Paula, I wish I worked in your office! These bags are fantastic! Any chance you could make me one for my best friend and I'd pay you for it, along with shipping? Hugs, Gail

cabio's craft corner said...

wow Paula, I love them all. They are super cute creations :o)

Rita said...

These are darling...I love them....I will just sit and drool over them....lol....