Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Altenew Rocks!

There are a lot of stamp companies out there to buy from (I'm sure you all have a list of 20+ that you buy from),  I buy from several but there are about 3 that I can trust completely and one of them is Altenew.  We all know them from there BEAUTIFUL multi step flower stamps and there awesome inks but there customer service has never let me down.  So jump to this past Saturday and I go out to get the mail and notice a very unassuming white letter envelope.  At first I didn't think much of it but then I saw it was from Altenew.  My first reaction was what? Uh-oh, what did I do?  BUT BUT... it was a very pleasant surprise.  I received this stamp from them for my support over the past 3 years! I mean, how awesome is this!?
I think this might just inspire me to play some tonight!! I'm anxious to get this baby inked.  THANK YOU ALTENEW!! #AltenewLove #AltenewRocks

Saturday, November 12, 2016

I'm alive!!

No, my blog hasn't been hacked, it is ME! Really, it is (trust me).  I can't believe how long I have completely ignored this blog, but NO LONGER. Nope, I'm going to be posting more often, YES I will post more often (maybe if I say this a few times, I'll actually do it!). But you must hold me to it, k? I have made a few cards during my absence, just too darn lazy to post them I guess.  But #noexcuses, I can do this! I'll stop rambling and just post pics, Enjoy!!
This was a Halloween card I made for a SWAP in my of my Yahoo Groups.  Used the MFT Witch Way is the Candy stamp (I think that's what it's called).
Another card I made for a SWAP, this one is for Scarecrows and Sunflowers.  Great excuse to break out Tilda.   Need more practice coloring but I'm working on it (and having fun!).
Last SWAP card for October was the Letter B. Although this one was the simplest, I think it took me the longest time.  I seem to struggle with CAS cards!! It's a real struggle.  I'll keep working on it, and maybe it won't take me forever to do.
Oops, I forgot about this one.  It was anything goes and I was to send it to Jackie who happens to live in Wisconsin.  Now usually it's cold in October so I thought it would be cute to send this card, but they were a bit warm when it arrived. (and again, this is a MFT image, gosh I just love them all!)
So this is it for now, but I'll return shortly and post more that I haven't gotten around too. Just didn't want to bombard you all at once with too many ;).
Enjoy the weekend and have fun! Until next time...

Saturday, January 24, 2015

My Girls!

OMG!! I can't believe it's been so long since I have been here.  I guess I just haven't being feelin' it..know what I mean?? Not too sure I do now but need to start posting some things.  Sooooo here goes! My first post of 2015 is a birthday card our girls gave their Daddy for his birthday.  I tried to color the girls realistically, but as you can see I failed miserably. I think you can kinda get an idea of how they look (can't you??).  You don't know how excited I got when I saw these doggies digis from Beccy Place! (I got way excited!) I always see these cute dog stamps but rarely do you find a hound and then even more rare do you find a beagle!!! - you rock Beccy!!! Our girls are both beagles but I didn't want the same dog twice on the card so I got the beagle and the basset (here) stamps. Shhhhhh, just don't tell Mallie that her image is really a basset, k?
 It's a very basic card, just printed the image on cardstock and colored with my copics (or I probably should say I attempted to color with my copics.  Funny thing is if you don't color a lot, you tend to forget how).  Here's a closeup to make my point, lol:
And a pic of the girls to show you how I attempted to color. It was taken at Thanksgiving and apparently they thought they were getting some turkey too.  The funny thing is we do NOT feed our girls table food so not sure why they were sitting like this, but it made for a great picture.
I'm going to enter this in Beccy's Place January Challenge, it's basically a anything goes, just use one of her images...so I used 2 (just call me an over achiever, LOL).
Beccy's Place: January Challenge
Thanks for stopping by, I'll try to post more often.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Happy Fall Y'all

Woo-hoo, it's here! It's fall now.  OK, so the weather today wasn't exactly what I would call a good ole autumn day but it seems to be ending that way.  We had a storm and the temps dropped.  It's funny, I use to live for the summer, I mean the hotter the better but it appears the older I get the more I look forward to Fall and Winter...what's up with that?  I hate being cold so why am I looking forward to colder weather?  I am definitely a strange individual at times, lol.  Anyhoo, to mark the first day of Fall, I thought I would post a Fall card I recently did.  On one of my Yahoo groups, the challenge 2 weeks ago was to make a card using "fall colors" (orange, red, browns, etc) but not necessarily a fall card.  Since I had this adorable Sassy Cheryl digi, I just had to go all out Fall!!
I just love Sassy Cheryl images!! They are just too adorable.  Even more horrible coloring can't make this girlie look bad.
The sentiment is from Tracey at BrossArt.  You want to see creative genius, go look at her blog.  Oh my, I just adore her! Papers are all digis and the flowers....of course, Wild Orchid.
Well, it's about bedtime for me, better get off this computer and get ready for tomorrow.  See y'all back here soon (I hope).

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Another Challenge card

Am I a blogging fool lately or what?  I told you I had been playing just too lazy (or not motivated) to post on blog for some strange reason.  Here's another card I made for a challenge in a yahoo group I belong to (each week a member chooses a challenge, we can do them at our own pace thank goodness 'cuz I'm way behind.  But I'll catch up one day....hopefully).  Now back to the challenge, it was SPRING : S=stamp; P=pink; R=ribbon; I=ink; N=nestie; and G=green.  I had just received the most awesome die from MFT called Lily and immediately fell in love with it.  I knew I had to somehow use it in this challenge! So here's what I did:

OMG, don't you just love that die!!! it's to die for ha-ha!!  And of course an afterthought was to use white paper and then either color with copics or distress inks but I think I was so excited to use it I just grabbed the first thing I could and starting cutting!  The sentiment is from a Papertrey Ink stamp set called Daydreamer (and it's a great stamp set with beautiful images and wonderful sentiments).
I used a lot of pop dots to give it dimension, just 'cuz I could! and then I finished the inside:
Well that's it for me today.  I have plenty more to post so hopefully I'll be back this week and get some on here.  Have a good week everyone.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Me...again...so soon

I'm baaaaack. Can you believe I'm back with another post so soon?  It'll be quick since I don't have too much to say, lol.   I belong to a yahoo group with some incredible ladies and we have challenges every week to keep us motivated.  One of the earlier challenges this year was make a card using black, white and one more color... so here's what I've came up:
My "one" color was PTI's Aqua Mist (I just adore this color! I mean it goes with just about anything). Well that's it for me today, but have more to post later.  Hopefully I'll pop back in tomorrow.  Have a happy week everyone!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

It's me...no, really it is.

Hey y'all.  Sorry for the extended absence, LOL, the way extended absence!  Hopefully, I'll be more prompt with updating my blog in the future (I keep telling myself to do this but for some reason, I just don't??). Oh well, I have been crafting just not posting so I have lots to post if I ever get around to it.  So as not to put everyone in a state of shock, I'll just post one card now and come back tomorrow (I hope) and post another and then another and then another and so on and so on....
I made this card a while back just to make something, it wasn't for any particular person or challenge, but just for me to do something (and not really sure how long ago it was...I mean a looooong time ago). It's kinda Springy style but better late than never, huh?
Other than it being an Elizabeth Bell stamp, there isn't much I can remember about this (oh boy, I really should stay more up to date on my blog).
And on my more recent cards, I have a new watermark that I'll show you on my next post (this was done way earlier). More deets on that to follow. Thanks for sticking with me and I'll be better at posting, I promise!