Sunday, November 6, 2011


Happy Halloween (yep, I know it was over a week ago, but that's how I roll).  I can't believe it's been 1 month since my last post!!! I have been busy, very busy. It's just a secret right now....I'll tell ya'll soon, I promise. 
But back to Halloween (before it's here again). We don't get a lot of trick-or-treaters so I tend to do a bit more for them. This year I made some little bags for the little monsters, umm, I mean kids. I bought some cute little halloween coloring books and crayon sets from Oriental Trading to put in them. Then I found some Halloween pencils and erasers and a candy corn note pad, along with some pumpkin stickers that went in with a little bit of candy. I was hoping for a few more kids than we actually got. We ended up with a whopping 7! Seven kids is it! I had made 24 bags (wishful-thinking!), but luckily some co-workers of mine have some little ones so I was able to get rid of a few more to them. Guess they will go in the Halloween overload crate! I even have some from last year that I had left over - will I ever learn?
The bags are actually cheap ones I picked up at Michaels. (I think they were about 10¢/ each). I just embroidered a little design and added some ribbon to them. I made 6 each of the witch, the pumpkin, the Teddy Bear and Frankenstein.

Almost forgot, I made some bags for Mallie's friends, too. I made these from scratch since I only had to make 3. I embroidered a design on each side and then for some strange reason I made the bag reversible (just in case the doggies didn't want anyone to know their names, hee-hee). Mallie gave her friends some treats, some chewies and a black and orange tennis ball!

That's it for now. But keep watching, I've got some news to share soon and some projects that I've been working on. Have a great week!


angel4031 said...

wow these are gorgeous! I may fly over next year so I can visit you to get some of these gorgeous spooky goodies!! :D I dont get any trick o treaters :( but thats the joy of living in a flat! xx

Linda said...

Wow I should go trick or treat at your house!!!!! Wow these are awesome bags!!!!! Hope the kiddies keep these as a keepsake!!!!! Wow what a wonderful project and you sure did an amazing job on this!!!!! FABULOUS!!!!!

Christina said...

OMG!!! These are adorable.... I wish we lived closer and could have come by your house... Amazing!!

cabio's craft corner said...

These are so cute and fun Paula. Such a fun idea!!