Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cromwell meet Mortimer!

Cromwell has a new friend, Mortimer! Cromwell has been making strange noises when I play with him lately and to be honest I had been crossing my fingers and saying "sweet nothings" to him in hope that he continued to play nice with me.  But also during this time, I had been secretly researching a new friend behind his back, (I didn't want him to "leave" me before I was ready). So, last Sunday night I found and purchased our friend. And much to my surprise Mortimer showed up on my doorstep on Tuesday! Ugh! I wasn't ready, so Mortimer was staying in our guest room.....
 Introducing MORTIMER!
 Finally, last night I brought Mortimer out to meet Cromwell and to start training him!

 Isn't he handsome! I've downloaded the software and registered him, but I haven't had the chance yet to play, but I am hoping to have him make his first cut this afternoon! I can say, that I don't think I'll regret this decision. Mortimer has better cutting area (15" wide) and much more cutting force! Now, there does appear to be a learning curve to use him, but hey, I'm up for the challenge. I'm still trying to decide where to put him, but for the time, I think he'll stay where he is now (Oh yeah, I've already moved him since I've taken the pics...LOL) He's  a pretty big boy so between him and my embroidery machine, my ARTHaven is starting to get smaller and smaller)
I'm not putting Cromwell away forever, I'll still use him occasionally (one reason is because I have so many cartridges!!!) I think there is room in my heart to love them both! What do you think?
(and if you are completely confused, Cromwell is my pet name for my Cricut Expression and I've named my KNK 15" Maxx, Mortimer ).
I hope everyone has a great weekend! (and wish me luck on getting Mortimer to play nicely)

4 comments: said...

I wanna come play with Moritmer!
Congrats on your new toy

Anonymous said... this is nice...I finally get to meet glad you have love enough for the both of

Christina said...

Oh wow... Congrats on your new toy! I can't wait to see what you and Mortimer create together...

JustYolie said...

How fun!! Have done a review yet? Is it loud?