Sunday, December 5, 2010

Time Flies By

Wow, 3 posts in 3 days! Has someone hijacked my blog, LOL? Nope, it's me!!  I was able to play a lot this weekend in my room. I got 3-1/2 cards done.   I've been sick with Bronchitis lately so I have avoided doing anything creative because I've just felt blah.  I was excited with the weekend coming up but still found myself feeling miserable Friday night. But luckily I woke up on Saturday feeling a little better (it was my birthday so I was really praying I would feel OK).  My DH took me to breakfast at a local restaurant that we had heard good things about (my "Venomous" was great: 12" tortilla with 3 eggs, chorizo sausage, white cheddar cheese and jalapenos!!! Could breakfast get any better!).  Then I came home and made some cards and watched some basketball and football (love it!). DH went hunting so when he came back home that evening, he took me out to dinner for sushi and Dairy Queen for dessert (ohhhh, do I LOVE ice cream!!).  I woke up today a little worn out and somewhat blah but I'm trying to work through it. Tomorrow I'm going to force myself back into my regular schedule: Up at 4:45am and to SPIN class, then rush home, shower and off to work. I'm thinking if I get back into my normal schedule I will get back to feeling good! (at least that's what I'm going to keep telling myself).

Here are the 3 cards that I made this weekend. Two of them are for my nieces as Thank you cards from Mallie for her birthday gifts. And the other is a birthday card to "PaTom" from Mallie.  
 This one is a stamped image from SOMEODDGIRL. Paper, felt and stamped sentiment  are all PTI.

 This is a cut file from Little Scraps of Heaven Designs. She has some of the cutest files!
This bird is a cut file from MyScrapChick. It was offered as a freebie a while back, but I think you can buy it now (??)
Off to work some more on my next card...(and I'm still working on my 8 bloggers to forward the Stylish Blog Award to, I should be posting those tomorrow!

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JustYolie said...

Cute cards Paula! Thanks for the inspiration...I used the same bird on a Xmas card. :)