Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What a Busy Weekend!

OK, I know it was National Scrapbooking Day on Saturday, but I had to do some stitchin' for my sister. (I went to buy a simple sewing machine a year ago and came out with an embroidery/sewing maching combo. I fell in love with embroidery and still trying to master the sewing - have a long way to go!!) I guess it's Teacher Appreciation Week at school and she had asked me to make some koozies for the teachers. Then she added some for the janitors and then some for the cafeteria staff (must not leave anyone out, LOL). Anyway I had to do 9 koozies, 1 T-Shirt (embroidery only), 2 Beach Towels (embroidery only) and add a name to a jacket for my niece. So since I was on the sewing machine all weekend, I threw in some little post-its notepads that I found  here. They are so quick and easy to make, and I just had to play with paper! (wow, my photography skills are LACKING - sorry about that, I'll have to work on this, LOL)

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