Friday, May 14, 2010

Pieces of Me 250K give-away!!!

Wow, Jen over at Pieces of Me is celebrating 250k hits! You go girl!! Congratulations! So she's having a little contest to give away some "candy". She has 5 contests going on now.  I love it - she does all the work and we get prizes - woo-hoo!!

#1 Giveaway is to take a picture of something pink in your house or work area. Well, this was easy for me since my play area is PINK (and more pink....)

#2 Picture is to be of something round in your house or work area. Well, here's our table in the Carolina Room.

#3 Picture is to be something that you ate today. Well, since I'm somewhat addicted to crunchy Peanut Butter (and yes, it has to be CRUNCHY) I typically will just get a spoon and dig in. So this is my breakfast of champions:

#4 Picture is to be of a plant in your house or work area. This is a peace lily that I was given from my Grandmother's funeral this past Sunday, yes, it was on Mother's Day :(

#5 Picture is to be of a dirty sock from your youngest child. Well since I have no rugrats, BUT i do have a hubby, I found one of his socks - UGH! This does however remind me I MUST clean house today!

Wish me luck on winning something!

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