Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Something Old, Something New

I'm on a roll! I think I got my "need to create" back! I was really getting worried lately 'cause I just wasn't feeling it. But with 2 SWAPS done, I am really getting back into this!! YEAH!! I'm going to warn you now.....this is a picture heavy post!! I have another SWAP for the CraftyCardCreators yahoo group and this time it was to use an old stamp. I chose to use Tilda picking flowers (I think she is from a 2008 collection) but she is an old stamp and my FIRST ever Tilda. I will say I wasn't getting that whole Tilda thing at first, but I'm addicted now. She is just too cute and keeps getting cuter (have you seen the new Butterfly Dreams Collection, Oh my....). I may have gone overboard on the flowers for the card front, but doggone it, I just couldn't stop myself, LOL! Alright, now here comes the pictures...
The is the card front with all those flowers! And don't you just love the crochet flower! It's actually a crocheted doily with a crochet flower on top and then a little pearl in the center (Have I told you lately I LOVE my crochet flowers!! And you too can have some, just go see Angie at Angie's ART & FULL Life - she is an amazing talent!!)
(See, do you think I went overboard with the flowers, LOL?) Oh, did I mention I had fun with this. I was enjoying myself while I was making this, I'm excited that I'm feeling the "need to create" again!! Here is the inside of the card...
 I even added a tag in this card...I had been wanting to do that for a while now! Does it look forced...Yeah I may have pushed my luck with this! But oh well...

She's a mini Tilda...OMG I love these! I have a few but don't use them as much as I should! I think you'll start seeing more of these to come (giving you a warning now)
Ok, if you know me...you know I just can't send a card!! That would be blasphemous, LOL!! SO I  made a little bag to accompany Tilda on her voyage to her new home.

I used the same sentiment from the card for the handbag to try and tie it together (boy, I am so OCD, everything has to match - it's a curse!!!) So you may have guessed who gets this....GLORIA!! I'll be off to the post office tomorrow to get it mailed and hopefully she'll get it by the weekend! Hope she likes it!! 
And I warned you that this was going to be a  lot of pictures (If you're still here, it's your fault). 
Hope everyone is enjoying their week and stay safe!


shersl84bed said...

That is gorgeous. Oh, the work you put into this! I love it from inside out.

Smiles Sher

Gail said...

This is so pretty and no, you did not go overboard with the flowers. It's beautiful. Hugs, Gail Lass