Thursday, May 26, 2011

12 Going on 20!

My niece turned 12 recently but looking at her and talking with her you'd swear she was 20.  Is it just me or do kids look a lot older these days?  Funny thing is, I'm sure our parents thought the same thing when we were going up. It's hard to believe Anna will be a teenager next year..WOW, just typing this makes me feel old (I'm sure the 12-14 hour days of work I've had lately has NOTHING to do with this, LOL).  Anyway, I think I'm safe to post this since UPS will be at her house any minute now delivering her birthday goodies. Oh and did I mention I was late sending this (pretend to be surprised!). Well, I actually had some other things I had made for her, her sister and some other girls and was going to mail all this together...being the scatter-brain I have been of late, I mailed the package last week to her without putting in her birthday gift, LMBO.  As soon as I realized what I had done, I scrambled to send a text to tell her that she would get a birthday package that would not have her birthday gift but a few goodies for her and the girls.  However, I would be sending her another package just for her and her being the mature 20 year old, oops, the mature 12 year old she forgave me!
Of course I made her a card and of course I embroidered a beach towel for her! She's a swimmer so luckily she can never have too many beach towels. The stamp I used for her card was one I have had for a while and thinking back, I'm pretty sure the reason I bought it in the first place was for her. It's a Greeting Farm stamp and looks just like Anna. The circular sentiment stamp was one from Lily of the Valley. OMG, they have the CUTEST stamps!! I've only ordered from them once, but I will definitely be a repeat customer! They are a UK company so you have to be patient once you've ordered but it's so worth it!
Did you notice the sand? It's called Mudd Puddles. I have had this for a while and had never used it (boy, does this sound familiar).  I love it!! It goes on so easy and really looks like sand!! The store I bought it from originally doesn't carry it anymore and doing some research online, it seems not too many stores do. But I will find a store and will be getting more of this!!
Thanks for visiting and hope you'll come back (hint - I have another project I'll post later tonight that you will not want to miss....3D paper project - AWESOME!!)

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Gail said...

This is an adorable card and I love the color combination you used; it's one of my favorites. You coloring is outstanding--even if you don't think it is. And for that sand---great effect with it.
Hugs, Gail Lass