Sunday, March 20, 2011

Really, What Harm Can It Do?

And yet another weekend comes and goes!   I spent the majority of this weekend playing with my new desktop and learning Windows 7. It is definitely not the same as XP; I miss XP but love the speed of my new desktop.  I've just about loaded all the programs that I want on here so hopefully by mid week I'll be back 100%.  I do have to go in and tweak some settings on some of the programs, but thinking I'll do that over time as I use the programs. I did get MTC, SCAL and KnK Studio up and running and they do cut properly to Mortimer and all is good :)
I had an Oops this weekend. My Mom had asked that I embroider her robe, which by the way I've had here since Thanksgiving. So I embroidered it with a beautiful rose and used orange colors for the rose (her favorite color is orange). It came out perfect - Yeah me...SO, I go to wash it. I decided I would throw in some more white towels that I had and some that a friend had given to me to embroider on. If only I had stopped there!  At the last minute I saw that I had a green placemat that I was going to embroider something on, so I threw that in the wash too. I mean, what harm can it do? Well let me tell you, when I opened it to put everything in the dryer, I about screamed! Everything was a dingy yellow! Well everything but my friend's towels. I have no idea where she got them, but apparently the are immune to anything! However, my towels and my Mom's robe were yucky :( So I quickly put some bleach in and washed them again....A little better but definitely not WHITE!) The towels that were mine are ruined, they have no resemblance of ever being white....I'll do something with them (insert sigh here!). My Mom's robe got a little whiter but not the color that it had been. If you didn't know it wasn't suppose to be white, you would think it's a nice cream color. Hopefully my Mom won't mind too much.(I'm throwing in a card and an FSL bookmark that I made to help butter her up). The card is pretty much all PTI (paper, stamp, ribbon...) I used the Year of Flowers: Roses and stamped it with Versamark and used a white embossing powder to make it stand out some. I really like how this card turned out! (Oh yeah, I totally cased this card from the amazing Debbie Olson, her work is awe-inspiring!)
And here is the robe along with the card and Rose FSL bookmark.

The picture makes it look more white than it is now, LOL. But trust me, it's really a cream color :(
Hope everyone enjoys their week and see you back here next weekend (if not sooner)


Anonymous said...

Oh Paula....THIS IS GORGEOUS!!!!! Your mom will care less about it being cream LOL......What a gorgeous gorgeous gift!!!! BEAUTIFUL ma'am!!!

Shoshi said...

Paula, what absolutely stunning work! Your mum will be thrilled, cream or not! Actually, orange and cream go really well together, so a happy accident, in my opinion!

Hope you are well and prospering!


Anonymous said...

I think it is just can't really tell it isn't suppose to be a cream color....I love this.....

Beebeebabs said...

Very nice you did a great job tfs!

Iulia said...

HE he! I really liked reading your post Paula! Sorry for the cream robe not to remind you of your towels;)) Sorry , but I just couldn't hinder from laughing. It is so like me.
I always seem to have some extra cloth which eventually messes up everything.
Anyways, your embroidery is just splendid, si is your beautiful card. I bet your mother will be thrilled.
Glad, I've popped in!
Hugs, Iulia
PS Don't forget to enter my candy, if you're not there already.

Janiel/ janny said...

Hi, just wanted to stop by and thank you for entering my blog candies...

BEAUTIFUL gift set!!
Good Luck!!

Hugs, Janiel

maddy hill said...

Oh Paula - what a to do ! we have these things in the Uk , they are packets of washing machine powder to use when you have a colour run in the wash - dont know if you get them there , but it might be worth looking ..
Beautiful card and bookmark and the embroidery is awesome !
maddy xxx

Gail said...

The embroidering on the robe turned out beautiful and having a white robe is hard to keep clean...the cream color will be better. :))))))) You make beautiful projects. Hugs, Gail Lass