Saturday, January 15, 2011

Medicine Head

Wow, have you ever taken something at night and the next day you feel as if you are in a fog? I pulled a muscle in my back last weekend and have been taking Advil. But last night I thought it might be good to take some Advil PM (Since I didn't have to get up early). Well, not so much a good idea, LOL. And I only took 1 pill (and directions said 2) but WOW, I'm still feeling loopy!!! I think I would be comatose if I took 2!! I'm eating everything in sight to try to get my body moving today, something has to work, right?  So if this post doesn't make sense, I'm blaming it on the meds!!
 I do have some pictures of the cards I made my DH for his birthday earlier this month. His birthday is on the 5th so I started a countdown with cards on the 1st to surprise him each morning. So for Day 1, I did an easel card with a cute little deer from Create-A-Critter (I think). On Day 2 I did a birdhouse that I got from MyCricutScrapbooking. It cuts great! (And the bird was s freebie from SVGCuts. It was a freebie quite a while ago). For the 3rd day, I did a "bra card"and wrote inside "Only 2 to go.." (I thought this was a cute idea?!) So for the last day before his birthday, I gave him a Chinese takeout box with a fortune cookie that said his wish would come true tomorrow. I filled the takeout with his favorites, mini Snickers. 
 Then for his Birthday Card, I got a digi from KennyKs and colored her up with some Copics and voila,
(i think he really liked his card!). Thanks for stopping by and looking. I'll hopefully post a few more things I did over the holidays if I can get the clouds out of my head and start thinking clearer (no more Advil PM for me!!)


Shoshi said...

Oh Paula, I'm sorry to hear you've hurt your back, and hope it recovers soon. I love the cards you've made! What a lovely collection for your hubby, and what fun he must have had opening them all.

JustYolie said...

Beautiful cards Paula...I hope you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

I love all the cards. Great job.

Anonymous said...

Oh Paula, the Bra card is adorable. Would you mind sharing how you made it?


Kris said...

I too, love the bra card. Do you have an svg file for that?